Portrait FAQs

What do portrait sessions include? 

All sessions include a little pre-planning. This may be as simple as coordinating meetup times and locations but may also include coming up with a preferred shot list, permit requirements, props/accessories,  logistics, among other things. Each session is unique and the photographer will be in contact for each outing. During the session the photographer works with the client in a fluid, organic way to capture images true the the client. 

After the session, the photographer will provide a timeline for delivery of digital images. This may vary depending on the size of the shoot. The photographer culls and edits the best images which are then provided in an online gallery. Most sessions include digital downloads. Professional prints, albums, etc are available to order directly from this online gallery. 

Wedding FAQs

Why are wedding packages so expensive? 

While wedding sessions are similar to portrait sessions, the packages do differ. Weddings are a much larger event for both the client and for the photographer. Portrait sessions are static events that can be recreated, whereas weddings are fluid events with important moments continuously happening throughout the day. 

Please be aware that this is a time intensive job, and it goes beyond the wedding day. We help the couple with their planning and timeline, prepare shot lists so nothing is missed on the day, then also spend 1-2 additional hours per hours worked to cull, process and edit those images in the following days and weeks to get them just right for delivery. All of that time gets amortized into the packages. Many times we work more hours than we have factored into packages.

There is also the time and money used to acquire the experience and education for the skills needed to shoot quickly and efficiently; as well as the photography cameras, lenses, flashes, etc. 

You do have choices. Research your vendors to see their previous results. Weigh your priorities for the day. There are quality options at just about every end of the spectrum. Pick what is right for you and your budget. 

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